The Flowers

    We work with a variety of florists from all over the island who each offer a variety of styles to suit your needs.

    Some brides prefer a small bouquet – others request that their entire venue to be custom designed into a fantasy of flowers to suit their personal colour scheme. The choice is yours.

    Roses, lilies, margaritas or orchids, simple and minimalist or luxuriant bouquets: flowers the symbols of joy cannot be missed from your special day, your weddind day. They are undoubtedly closely connected with weddings, since they increase the romance of the wedding atmosphare.

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    So, paying attention to detail, we can provide you with:

    Floral arragement decoration for ceremony table

    Flower decoration of wedding venue

    Bridal bouquet and Groom boutonniere

    Transport to and from the wedding location decorated with flowers

    We also need your advice. If you have a favourite flower that you wish to decorate your bridal bouquet or special design you have seen inform us in advance about it, so that at the time of the ceremony you can have it!

    The Wedding Cake

    From ancient times wedding cakes have been closely connected to wedding ceremonies. According to an age old tradition, breaking the cake over the bride’s head; its origin dates back to the Roman Empore. Luckily things might have changed now however the Wedding cake still plays an important role in the Wedding day itself.

    Cutting the cake has come to symbolize the first task in the couple’s life together. Immediately after the cutting, the bride and groom feed each other the first slice.

    This action symbolizes the commitment to provide for each other that the bride and groom have undertaken.

    cak5            cak4             cak6


    The colour of Wedding cake. The white colour of the icing on a wedding cake has come to symbolize purity and virginal attributes, because of the association of the cake with the bride. The fashion of the white cake started in Victorian times. The white icing was also a symbol of affluence because it was made with refined sugar, which was very expensive.

    Nowadays wedding cakes come in all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes depending on the bride and grooms personal tastes. It is certainly an area where a couple can use their imagination and where their quests can get more of an iddea of the couple’s personalities.


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