There is no finer place in the world for the Renewal of your Wedding Vows than the island of Santorini.

    A Renewal of Vows ceremony can be as creative and personal as you want them to be. Whether you want to re-live your Wedding Day again or create  a brand new dream, we can help you to write a brand new exciting chapter of your life together.

    Let us help you during this special moment to plan and organise your Renewal of Vows ceremony.

    Often these ceremonies are associated with a special wedding anniversary such as a 1st, 10th, 25th etc, but also appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage. There is not set time to do this so just go with the flow, if it feels right just do it!

    Let usa show you how your dreams can become reality.




    Anniversary Years

    Wood – 5 years

    Tin – 10 years

    Crystal – 15 years

    China – 20 years

    Silver – 25 years

    Pearl – 30 years

    Coral – 35 years

    Ruby – 40 years

    Sapphire – 45 years

    Gold – 50 years

    Emerald – 55 years

    Diamond – 60 years

    2nd Diamond – 70 years


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