Special days definitely require esqually venues and here’s the chance to follow your heart to the magical venue of the “Suites of the Gods”.

    For most wedding couples one of the ost important questions is where to have the reception after the ceremony? It really depends on the size of you wedding party as to where you will want to have your reception. It can be very hard to make a decision that is why we suggest you a few possible solutions here at the Suites of the Gods. We can show you how we can arrange your reception whithin the restaurant and other wedding reception venues here in the hotel.

    One of the many fascinating aspects of travelling to a foreign Country is andoubtedly represented by the local food. On the island of Santorini, as weel as all over Greece, eating out is a way of life.

    To incorporate the Greek way of life into your Weddind reception we recommend you tempt your taste buds with some of the mouth watering and deliciously different Greek Delicacies on offer.

    Our Contemporary Greek cuisine is reflected in the distinct characteristics of the land and sea, it has evolved by bridging together tha ancient and modern. We specialize in arranging the food catering for you from our restaurant.

    Our Chefs produce an array of excellent dishes inspired by the local natural produce and on different ways of preparing food according to local taste and tradition.

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