SantorinI…an eternal rock that continues to stand strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding well the secrets of Atlantis.

    The birthplace of legends.  A wonderful, mystical, mythical, fantastic, awesome dreamy place to spend not just a holiday but an ideal venue for a Destination wedding.

    The Greek island of Santorini is fast becoming the premier location for weddings.  Having your wedding in Santorini gives you the opportunity to get married with a truly amazing backdrop.  Imagine an island full of sugar cubed houses, blue doomed churches and spectacular sunsets, well Santorini has all this and so much more to offer.  Formed in a massive volcanic eruption, the island is lined with black sandy beaches and fantastic views across the volcano and Caldera.

    The beauty of the island has helped it to become one of the most romantic destinations in Greece, attracting couples from all over the world for weddings and honeymoons.

    Santorini is legendary for its sunsets.  Tradition states that marriages in Santorini should take place at sunset then progress into a celebration of eating, drinking and dancing when the ceremony is over.

    Santorini is hailed by many as the most beautiful island of the Aegean and one of the most pituresque spots on the planet. Unique on every way: Exotic, ancient, atmospheric: sugar-cube villages, sandy beaches, domed monasteries, classical sites, the sparkling sapphire Aegean Sea, an active volcano, the world’s largest caldera and a sunset that has to be seen to be believed.

    From the moment you reach the island of Santorini you feel as if the power of the volcano has touched everything with a unique aura.

    Every corner of the Santorini has its own history and mystery and the whole island breathes a romantic atmosphere, that you cannot find anywhere else.  Every year there are more and more people attracted to the unique beauty of the island of Santorini.

    And can you imagine a better place for a Destination Weddings than the beautiful volcanic island of Santorini

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